Can You Actually See As Well As You Think You Can?

The eyes are our most valuable possession. Hence the saying “Shield it like your eyes”. We cannot imagine a life without them, everything in our daily life requires us to see. But as important as they are, they are exposed to a lot of damaging things and can suffer from a lot of diseases from mild near vision to complete blindness.

There are many test that can tell us if we had some kind of condition. The most basic test Is the one that we take when we go to the doctor for a standard check up. This is the test for Far vision. There is a board with letters written on it which are very big at the top and become progressively smaller with each row.

Depending on how far down you can go the doctor will tell you if you need to wear some kind of glasses. Other test is for near vision. With this condition, completely opposite to the previous one, your sights starts to blur when you try to see things that are closer to you or even when try to read.

This test is similar to the previous one, but you take it staying much closer to the board progressively getting further. Near vision often comes with age and it’s not a sign of something to be stressed about. There is also a test for daltonism or color blindness, now we must say that there are several kinds of color blindness and your eyes may see the colors that others didn’t, but to not be able to see colors which they can.

There are three basic conditions in color blindness. First is protapones- this is when your can’t see red color, deuteranopes- when you cant see green, and tritanopes-when you can’t see blue or yellow.

Now take this test and see which numbers will you see and what that tells about you and your skills.

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