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Colors are able to tell a lot about someone’s personality. The tests about color exist for many years now and they can tell traits of your personality. Check out if your color matches your personality!
ORANGE – Your personality is warm, positive, sociable and often pretentious. You are good and friendly to everyone. You are confident, not aggressive- you are less keen than people who like red. You love socializing with groups in gatherings, you like having fun and planning events. You are the person who likes to speak loud.

RED – Red means that you are outgoing, optimistic, brave and sure about yourself. You are very active- you love sex and have a lot of survival knowledge. People who are red love the attention, they are very energetic.
GREEN – You are rational and earthy person, who loves nature. You like to have a balanced life, but sometimes in searching of a balance you can be tense. You are friendly, sympathetic and understanding. You always take care of others, but you don’t have to ignore your needs because of others.

BLACK – The people with black color value power and importance. You are self-sufficient with strong will and like to make big decisions. Your romantic side is traditional and standard, you like to contain yourself. You can be too serious- have some fun. Your appearance can be intimidating to your friends. Your attitude is demanding with authoritarianism.

BROWN – You are sincere and stable person. People can count on you, you are solid and positive. You are warmhearted and real. You take responsibility very seriously and have a sense of duty and promise.

WHITE – You have high rules about hygiene and expect from other to have same high standards. You are far-sighted, with a positive and hopeful nature. You are balanced, working, wise and bright.

YELLOW – You have a happy character and you are joyful and fun to spend time. You are smart, and always have new ideas, but you need a person who can turn your ideas into reality. You are a dreamer. You can be very critical to others and yourself. You think methodically before you make a decision.

BLUE – You can be trusted with everything, you are stable. You take time before you can trust somebody who you just met. You are not instinctive or do something unexpected – you always think before you say or do something. You take time to share how you feel. You are honest and frank, and you take your obligations seriously. You need a peaceful place with harmony, where you can have quiet time.

You would only profit from daily meditation and time for self-discovery and reflection.

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