Couple Got A Surprise 1 Week After Adopting Triplets

Many couples now have a problem with having their own baby and this young couple is one of them. Andy and Sarah justice were trying for more than 3 years to have a baby of their own but she couldnt get pregnant. They decided to adopt a baby, so they signed up and a woman chose them to be the parrents of her child. When they got to the ultrasound they were really surprised. They were adopting triplets, which wasn’t a problem for them as they always wanted a lot of kids.

And seven days after the triplets were born the young couple was in for another surprise ! Sarah was pregnant too, and she was about to have twins as well. From a couple that couldnt have kids they were about to become a family of seven. We dont want to even know how hard it would be to raise five babies at once, but we are sure that they feel it as the biggest blessing that could ever be.

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