Dad And His Daughter Got A Note In A Restaurant

A year ago young single father decided to spend Valentines day with his little daughter. Enjoying each other while eating pasta, they had awesome daddy-daughter time together laughing and smiling.

They finished they meal and the father asked for the bill they handed it to him and there was a note on the back.

A couple sitting near to them had been watching them spend their good time together.

And they decided to do something kind for them without even knowing them.

Read what the kind couple wrote on the bill to understand why this man started to cry right there in the restaurant…

A year ago on the Valentines day a father took his little girl to a daddy daughter date.

When this strange act of kindness hapenned he took a picture and posted it with caption that he wanted to thank them.”

They were enjoying each others attention in a restaurant laughing and having the time of their life.

They were eating their pasta and playing with each other completely unaware that they were spyed on.

In the meantime the spying couple were writing them a note.

When daddy asked for the bill they handed him the receipt with a note on the back of it.

The note said that they were impressed how good of a parrent he is at his young age, how important it is to have good parrents and a lot of attention at his daughter age, and that is coming from a couple who were raised both without fathers!

He took photo of the note and posted it saying:

“Thank you random people you were very kind. I started crying at the restaurant.”

There are still good and kind people! You never know where you will meet them.

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