They Drowned This Puppy In Glue But Rescuers Got In Time To Save His Life

For the normal people is hard to believe that anyone can be cruel to a loving creature like the dog, but there are many of them. The dog is the man’s best friend so for everyone who can be this evil and cruel to an animal, there are at least 10 others that would do anything in their power to save it!

This is Pascal the little dog with a big life experience. For some unfathomable reason a bunch of guys decided that he has to be covered in super glue.

Of course being a glue it got everything on it stuck- dirt, mud and all kind of dirty things. And when enough time passed Pascal became like a moving rock.

It’s got so much glue on him that it started to close his veins and he was going to die of a lack of blood flow.

And here comes the part of the great selfless animal rescuers that found him just in time.
They started to cut his fur ( or the mix of dirf glue and fur that it became) and it took them a whole day to cut it all. And when they got to his skin they saw that due to the lack of blood his ear had to be amputated.
Pascal is getting better and better physically every day, but something in his little soul seems has snapped. There is no joy and no will of life in this little creature. But hopefully someone will adopt him and give him the love that he needs to be back as a happy puppy.

Big t!hanks to the rescuers of little Pascal and we hope that there will be much more people like them.

We warn you that this video is not for animal lovers so be aware.

Share for Pascal, for the rescuers and for this hateful bunch that got him to that state to get what they deserve!


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