Ex Military Dog Receives A Funeral Suited For A Soldier

Man best friend- the dog, soldier or not you can not help but love their loyal and happy sometimes goofy nature.
In most of them there are qualities like high inteligence, bravery and loyalty which make them perfect for military or police job.They also put their lives on the line like every police oficer or soldier out there to protect us.

And like fallen soldiers and officers this dogs deserve our respect too.

When a soldier dies you bury him like a hero.

And for the family of Nero-an adopted ex military k9, that was how he was supposed to go from this world.

He passed away in the late October this year and his death was mourned by a lot of people.

That is him Nero the k9 who served in the military side by side with our soldiers.

He served in Afghanistan and when his work there was done, he go picked up by a organisation which specializes in finding an adoption families for ex military dogs.

Nero was the first one that they got from there and didn’t fail to find him a home to happily retire.

They wrote on their Facebook page that his now mother – Judie picked him up days after he got home from Afghanistan.

And like every dog he was given the love and attention that every living creature wants for the next two years.

She wrote on her wall- “That he was a wonderfull dog and god must judge him by his pure and brave soul.”

He was on duty for seven years and when he got back from the last place he was already eight years old and was on his way to a loving retirement.

There is no one that deserves all the dog happiness in the world more than this brave soldier, but he almost didn’t get what he deserved.

The plane that got him from Afghanistan had depressurized during the flight and he was nearly dead when they landed.

Thanks to a professional vets he was saved.

And when Judie adopted him his life became a fairytale. He was loved every single minute even got birthday parties every year that he was with her!

But and 8 year dog is already considered an old one, and serving in a place with very unhealthy nature didnt help. So he already got some health issues.

The same year that he got back he was diagnosed with a cancer in his foot. He was treated and got better.

Nero passed when he was 11 years old- he lived a happy life rich on love and all kind of other experience that only a soldier will know.

When he died the hospital staff covered him with a flag. And thats the only way that a brave soldier should go.

Judie wrote:

β€œHe wasn’t just a dog he was a hero and on this date let’s pray for his brave soul to go to heaven.”

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