If You Fart In Front Of Your Partner You Will Have A Stronger Relationship

Normally we try to be as perfect as we can be in front of our partners, so we can be the one she/he will fall in love with. But with time you become way more comfortable around them.

Leah Decesare is a specialist at familly psichology. And her thoughts basically say that every relationship is based on trust. That everything should be as true and as sincere as possible.
Her book tells us how we should treat each other in the relationship to last and how we should communicate with our kids.

She says that the first time that she farted in front of her man it changed everything. It was the moment that he realized that he will be with her to the rest of his life. At least she said so, and its more specific to the women more than the man.

She said that women are seen as more complex and delicate creatures, and when you fart in front of your partner you show them that you are basically like him and creates a stronger bond.
Of course in front of other people you should hold it whatever it costs you. But in front of your loved one you shouldnt care it is as normal as any other body function.
If you liked what you read here we suggest you to try what she suggests, and become more connected to your other half.


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