Harambe Got Over 15,000 Votes For President Of The United States

It is very important to vote, but what if you don’t like the choices that are given to you. Many people openly said that they hate either of the candidates. And when the choice is between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton we cant blame them. So who gets the vote?
Harambe the gorilla that got tragically killed in the Cincinnati zoo. You probably have forgotten about it, but on the internet Harambe became a whole movemnt. Tough decission was made to kill the gorilla after a 3 years old kid fell in to its enclosed enviorment.

It created a lot of discussions and controversy online and since May it never cooled down. It was absolutely blown out of the normaln proportions for this kind of case, so many people took to heart to over exaggerate Harambe’s death.

And in the last night election over 15 thousand of them voted for Harambe to become president. They took a picture when they are ready and tweeted it. And that doesn’t surprise us because there are millions of memes about him and even the movement with ridiculous name “D*cks out for Harambe”.

And when he got 15 000 votes the world started to react.

Clinton lost by a mere 58 votes so her supportes where mad over their heads for this thousands of votes going to nothing.

But this is it. America is democracy and lots of people lost their lives so you can express for which one you want to vote. And if it’s Harambe that got your voice let’s be it.


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