Miners Dug Out The Most Expensive Jade Stone

A huge piece of jade stone has been dug out in Myanmar, which is an Asian country.This enormous Jade stone was found in a far northern mine. It’s dimensions measure 19 feet long and 192 tons, the BBC reports. It is valued at an amazing 170 million dollars.

“I think that is a presen from our land to our citizens and for our government and party,” said a politician from the ruling party

It was transported to China where it will be made in to jewelry.

Jade can be basically two types of rock: jadeite and nephrite. This particular discovery is jadeite rock. These 2 types are almost indetical and serve basically for ornamenting, although they have a different physical and chemical composition, jadeite is way more expensive. You can’t tell the difference between them just by only looking.

More than 60 percent of worlds jadeite is believed to be dug in  Myanmar and makes up around half of their gross domestic product. But where billions are involved a lot of corruption,crime, and environmental destruction tends to happen.

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