Obama Just Ordered The Pentagon To Stop Making Vets Repay Bonuses

President Obama just ordered to the Pentagon to stop seeking to repay their bonuses from 10 000 soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.The Finance Service claims that there were errors when paying the bonuses and some of the soldiers were not qualified but were payed this money.

Soldiers located in California for almost two years are begging their representatives to settle with the Pentagon because lots of them lost something in that war their mind or limb and when they are back, they are seen as piggy banks. More than 70 million dollars were spent by recruiters when there was a huge hole in the count of soldiers they needed and now they want it back.

“Some of the soldiers knew and some didnt know that they were not suited to benefit from this program .We are not going to go through their pockets or hold anyone responsible said the Minister of  Defense. Now Obama Government is trying to go through everything as fast as they can.

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But the Obama administration is not happy with the idea of the Congress to fully forgive this debt. 

The founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America said that he stands strongly behind these actions but also that more should be done.

“This is a good start from the Pentagon but lives of the soldiers were turned upside down and torn appart and now they are in financial void. While its good to know that they dont own this money right now doesnt help them to meet their basic needs.Many will wait for the decision of the Pentagon more than a year and not only they shouldnt be recouped but should be payed even more money because of their sacrifice.”

The war against ISIS is costing the american taxpayer 11 milions a day. The budget for defense is about 600 billion dollars and the Pentagon somehow “couldnt find” around 5 trillion that were lost someway in the history. Compared to these numbers those 70 millions are a very small amount with which we  could at least insure some kinf of future for our brave soldiers. And to hear that the Pentagon is out of monet and seeks it from the man and woman who served our country with their lives on the line after many billions spend on the deffective F35 is infuriating.

Join the petition to forgive the money for the soldiers and sign in favour of the future ones that will serve.

Do you think that  Lockheed or Northrop deserve this money more than this veterans?

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