How Sensitive Is Your OCD Radar?

OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder  is a condition in which people who have it need to perform certain routines and to check things that are checked already several times over. It’s a mental disorder which depending of how strong it is can be absolutely impossible to live with.

People who have it can’t hold a certain thought or activity for more than a few minutes. To this day it is unknown what causes it so it cant be cured. It can only be treated with therapy or in rare cases with medication such as serotonin inhibitors. The standard obsessions can be – sexual, relationship, giving soul in an inanimate object.

Most common compulsions are skin picking, hair pulling, nail biting, head banging, touching, tapping, rubbing, body rocking, self biting, checking door locks many times, turning switches on and off.

They rely on this compulsions to escape from the obsessive thoughts, but it only helps them for a short period of time that is why they feel the need to do it over and over again. Usually OCD doesn’t come alone and is diagnosed with combination of other mental disorders like bipolar disorder, body dysmorphic  disorder, trichotillomania, social anxiety disorder, bulimia nervosa , asperger syndrome, Tourette syndrome and dermatillomania. Some of the signs of OCD are shared with autism.

Other obsessions are fear of germs and contamination which is the most common, forbidden thoughts about religion and harm, wanting everything to be symmetrical and put in a specific perfect order. And other compulsions include excessive cleaning and washing (primarily of the hands), compulsive counting. If you have OCD you can’t control your thoughts or behaviors so if you checked your door couple of times in a month that doesn’t mean that you have it.

So if you want to know if you have some kind of OCD take this test and keep in mind it is mainly for amusement and can’t be used for diagnosis.

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