What Is Your True Personality Color?

Many people believe that everything that we hear or see is connected to a part of us. The music that we like to listen and the colors that we like to see or wear are actually telling more things about us than you would ever think. Even scientist  are conducting tests on how much of an impact a certain color can have on your mood.

Do you believe in this kind of connection or are you skeptical about it. It is proven times and times again that a color of a room that you are in can change your whole mood – red, green, yellow- they all make you feel different. The warmer the color (like red, yellow) will make you feel more at home and comfortable, while the cool colors (like blue, purple, green) can even make you feel sad and lonely.

According to another search, certain colors can even affect your performance. Seeing a red color before taking an exam can actually slow you down. Which is interesting because if you paint your room red it’s been known to raise the energy level as a whole.  It raises the excitement and stimulates conversations. If you paint it yellow it is connected to happiness, sunshine. It energizes the whole room and uplifts you.[adinserter block=”3″]

People who took this quiz are telling that the answers are surprisingly accurate about their favorite color and what kind of abilities and personality it represents. Do you believe in anything that you read thus far. Do you think that it won’t be true for you and your personality. Take this quiz and let it cure your skepticism. If you want share your results at the comments bellow, and compare with other people how accurate is it about your personality.

Let’s go and have fun.

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